Break on Through

Date: 24 October 2010 | Season: London Film Festival 2010 | Tags:

Sunday 24 October 2010, at 7pm
London BFI Southbank NFT3

Janie Geiser, Ghost Algebra, USA, 2009, 8 min
“Under erratic skies, a solitary figure navigates a landscape of constructed nature and broken bones. She peers through a decaying aperture, waiting and watching: the fragility of the body is exposed for what it is: ephemeral, liquid, a battlefield of nervous dreams.” (JG)

Phil Solomon, Still Raining, Still Dreaming, USA, 2009, 15 min
Videogaming was never meant to be this way: uncanny and elegiac in tone, poignant and considered in practice. By betraying the violent subtext of his source material, Solomon has found genuine poetry in the desolate spaces of digitally constructed worlds.

David Gatten, So Sure of Nowhere Buying Times to Come, USA, 2010, 9 min
The windows of a small antique store in the Rocky Mountains displays carefully arranged curiosities – specific objects each with their attendant histories. Visible traces of past uses, previous lives, secrets and significance.

Samantha Rebello, Forms Are Not Self-Subsistent Substances, UK, 2010, 22 min
Words, concepts, things. Referencing Aristotle and illuminated manuscripts, Rebello asks ‘What is substance?’ Romanesque stone carvings are measured against latter-day beasts, seeking parity between medieval perception and a present-day embodiment.

Erin Espelie, Facts Told at Retail, After Henry James), USA, 2010, 9 min
“The author of The Golden Bowl acts as the confessed agent, and the glass through which every image is reflected or filtered takes on a kind of consciousness.” (EE)

Lawrence Jordan, Cosmic Alchemy, USA, 2010, 24 min
A voyage in the celestial realm, out beyond consciousness, steered by a master of mystical transformation. Wondrous visions are charted on star maps from the Harmonia Macrocosmica to a spellbinding drone track by John Davis.

Also Screening: Tuesday 26 October 2010, at 4:15pm, NFT3