Reading Between the Lines

Date: 23 October 2010 | Season: London Film Festival 2010 | Tags:

Saturday 23 October 2010, at 2pm
London BFI Southbank NFT3

Thomas Comerford, The Indian Boundary Line, USA, 2010, 42 min
Comerford’s essay maps a historical demarcation which originally divided Native American land from that which was ceded to white settlers in 1812. Modern life has obscured the traces of this history in the Rogers Park district of Chicago. Juxtaposing past with present, footage shot along this formerly disputed territory is matched with readings from official documents, fiction and quotidian accounts.

John Smith, Flag Mountain, UK, 2010, 8 min
A view across the city of Nicosia, over the Green Line border, to an unusual spectacle on a hillside. Lives continue in its shadow, amongst the contrasting flags, anthems and calls to prayer.

Miranda Pennell, Why Colonel Bunny Was Killed, UK, 2010, 27 min
An exploration of turn of the century colonial life along the Durand Line, the frontier between Afghanistan and British India (now Pakistan). Remarkable period photographs are closely analysed as we listen to reports of exchanges between westerners, natives and mullahs written by missionary doctor TL Pennell.

Also Screening: Monday 25 October 2010, at 2pm, NFT3