Date: 24 October 2009 | Season: London Film Festival 2009 | Tags:

Saturday 24 October 2009, 12-7pm
London BFI Southbank Studio

A new work made for the Festival turns its attention to the viewer and the room itself. ‘Come inside, I’m going to explain a few things. Just about you and the space we’re in. It’s quite warm in here, you should take off your jacket …’

Laure Prouvost, UK-France, 2009, video, colour, sound, 9 min (continuous loop)
Prouvost weaves whimsical and intimate narratives that both mesmerise and disturb, blurring the boundary between reality and fantasy in ways that parody traditional narrative structures. Things never seem to quite match up in Prouvost’s stories, leaving the viewer with the task of trying to fix these somewhat messy and imperfect narratives that begin full of mystery and enchantment only to unravel and shatter any promise of a happy ending. (Jamie Wyld)

Laure Prouvost was born in Lille in 1978 and lives and works in London. She received the EAST International award for 2009 and has also recently exhibited at After the Butcher Berlin, Monika Bobinska Gallery and MOT London, and the Zoo Art Fair. Her videos are distributed by LUX. Prouvost has been director of, the online moving images gallery, since 2003.