The Word for World is Forest

Date: 26 October 2008 | Season: London Film Festival 2008 | Tags:

Sunday 26 October 2008, at 7pm
London BFI Southbank NFT3

Julia Hechtman, Small Miracles, USA, 2006, 5 min
Sci-fi hallucinations seem commonplace as Hechtman invokes mysterious natural phenomena: an extreme case of mind over matter.

Neil Beloufa, Kempinski, Mali-France, 2007, 14 min
Speaking in the present tense, interviewees describe their idiosyncratic notions of the future. To the western viewer, the unlikely subjects, stylized settings and atmospheric lighting impart a strange disconnect between science fiction and anthropology.

Brigid McCaffrey & Ben Russell, Tj Tjúba Tén (The Wet Season), USA-Suriname, 2008, 47 min
‘An experimental ethnography composed of community-generated performances, re-enactments and extemporaneous recordings, this film functions doubly as an examination of a rapidly changing material culture in the present and as a historical document for the future. Whether the record is directed towards its subjects, its temporary residents (filmmakers), or its Western viewers is a question proposed via the combination of long takes, materialist approaches, selective subtitling, and a focus on various forms of cultural labour.’ (Ben Russell)

Sylvia Schedelbauer, Remote Intimacy, Germany, 2008, 15 min
Cast adrift in the collective unconscious, Remote Intimacy constructs an allegorical collage from found footage and biographical fragments, exploring cultural dislocation using the rhetoric of dreams.