When Latitudes Become Form

Date: 25 October 2008 | Season: London Film Festival 2008 | Tags:

Saturday 25 October 2008, at 9pm
London BFI Southbank NFT3

Francisca Duran, In the Kingdom of Shadows, Canada, 2006, 6 min
Set in metal type, a passage from Maxim Gorky’s review of the Lumières melts into a pool of molten lead.

David Gatten, How to Conduct a Love Affair, USA, 2007, 8 min
‘An unexpected letter leads to an unanticipated encounter and an extravagant gift. Some windows open easily; other shadows remain locked rooms.’ (David Gatten)

Charlotte Pryce, The Parable of the Tulip Painter and the Fly, USA, 2008, 4 min
A saturated cine-miniature inspired by Dutch 17th Century painting.

Sami van Ingen, Deep Six, Finland, 2007, 7 min
The film image of a loaded truck, careening free of its position in the frame, speeds along a mountain road towards an inevitable fate.

Bart Vegter, De Tijd, Netherlands, 2008, 9 min
Computer animated abstraction in three dimensions. Slowly evolving geometric forms suggest sculptural figures and waning shadows.

Pat O’Neill, Horizontal Boundaries, USA, 2008, 23 min
O’Neill’s dizzying deployment of the 35mm frame-line is intensified by Carl Stone’s electronic score. A hard and rhythmic work, thick with superimposition, contrary motion and volatile contrasts, reminiscent of his pioneering abstract work of prior decades.

Bruce Conner, Easter Morning, USA, 2008, 10 min
Conner’s freewheeling camera chases morning light in a hypnotic blur of colour and multiple exposures. This final work by the artist and filmmaker rejuvinates his rarely seen 8mm film Easter Morning Raga (1966). With music by Terry Riley.