Markopoulos: Portraits of Artists

Date: 7 March 2008 | Season: Gregory Markopoulos 2008 | Tags: ,

Friday 7 March 2008, at 7pm
London Tate Modern

Markopoulos made many extraordinary film portraits, which often incorporate an activity or object that has personal significance to the subject. This programme presents a selection of poetic and sensuous portraits of cultural and art world luminaries such as Gilbert & George, Alberto Moravia, Giorgio di Chirico and Rudolph Nureyev.

Gregory J. Markopoulos, Through A Lens Brightly: Mark Turbyfill, USA, 1967, 15 min
Portrait of Mark Turbyfill

Gregory J. Markopoulos, Eniaios (Order III, Reel 1) (Gibraltar), Switzerland, 1975, 15 min
Portrait of Gilbert & George

Gregory J. Markopoulos, Eniaios (Order IV, Reel 6) (The Olympian), Italy, 1969, 23 min
Portrait of Alberto Moravia

Political Portraits (excerpt)
Gregory J. Markopoulos, Europe, 1969, 15 min
Portraits of Ulrich Herzog, Marcia Haydee, Rudolph Nureyev, Giorgio di Chirico

Gregory J. Markopoulos, Eniaios (Order II, Reel 2), Europe, undated, 23 min
Portraits of Hans-Jakob Siber, Franco Quadri, Giorgio Frapoli, Klaus Schönherr and family

“The films preserve the myriad flights of isolated, spectrally splintered and itinerant spirit, lost in yearning, in search of intuitive wholeness while negotiating mazes of desire, seeking sanctuary in the reflection of countless identities. The works hold a shimmering mirror up to the contradictory compulsions of an era, set to register, for a few instants, shocks of recognition.” (Kirk Winslow, Millennium Film Journal)

The screening will be introduced by Robert Beavers.

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