The Nature of Systems

Date: 10 November 2007 | Season: Chris Welsby | Tags: ,

Saturday 10 November 2007, at 8:40pm
London BFI Southbank NFT2

Technological systems create, fragment and transform landscapes: a long video monitor stream, digitally mutated coastlines and strange urban microclimates introduce fascinating artificial worlds, blurring the boundaries between natural and constructed landscapes. Starting with documentation of Chris Meigh-Andrews’ video installation Stream Line and passing through a variety of spellbinding single-screen film and video environments, the programme also incorporates a presentation of Susan Collins’ most recent internet transmitted, real-time reconstruction of Loch Faskally in Perthshire.

Chris Meigh-Andrews, Stream Line (Documentation), 1991, 6 min
Davide Quagliola & Chiara Horn, Bit-Scapes 135.1_08, 2006, 3 min
Semiconductor, The Sound of Microclimates, 2004, 8 min
Thomas Köner, Suburbs of the Void, 2004, 14 min
Daniel Crooks, Train No.8, 2005, 6 min
Davide Quagliola & Chiara Horn, Bit-Scapes 135.2_03, 2006, 3 min
Rachel Reupke, Untitled, 2006, 2 x 90 sec
Rose Lowder, Voiliers et Coquelicots, 2002, 3 min
Davide Quagliola & Chiara Horn, Bit-Scapes 135.7_13, 2006, 3 min
Alix Poscharsky, As We All Know, 2006, 8 min
Susan Collins, Glenlandia, 2006, continuous
Chris Welsby, Tree Studies, 2006, continuous

Curated by Steven Ball, Mark Webber and Maxa Zoller.