The Nature of Our Looking

Date: 9 November 2007 | Season: Chris Welsby | Tags: ,

Friday 9 November 2007, at 8:40pm
London BFI Southbank NFT2

Moving from ocean to sky and back to the land, these six films respond to nature in less programmatic ways. Peter Hutton’s camera explores the coastal landscape and swirling waters of the Irish West Coast, whilst David Gatten immerses raw film stock in seawater, allowing the ocean to inscribe its presence in constantly shifting abstract patterns. Three films use time-lapse and long exposure to reveal the celestial mysteries of night time, and the final work gently lifts us from our reverie with an ecological warning.

Peter Hutton, Looking At The Sea, 2001, 15 min
David Gatten, What The Water Said, Nos 4-6, 2006, 17 min
Lucy Reynolds, Lake, 2007, 12 min
Emily Richardson, Redshift, 2001, 4 min
Jeanne Liotta, Observando El Cielo, 2007, 17 min
Michael Robinson, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, 2005, 8 min

Curated by Steven Ball, Mark Webber and Maxa Zoller.