Date: 9 December 2006 | Season: Expanded Cinema 2006 | Tags: ,

Saturday 9 December 2006, at 7pm
Stuttgart Württembergischer Kunstverein

Paul Sharits, Razor Blades, USA, 1965-68, 2 x 16mm, colour, sound, 25 min
“By opposing the eyes and ears against the mind, Razor Blades cuts deeply, both in our psychic and visceral bodies.”

Joost Rekveld, #5 (Variation 2), Netherlands, 1994, 3 x 16mm, colour, silent, 6 min
A luminescent action painting of abstract light forms in kinetic motion.

Carl Brown & Michael Snow, Triage, Canada, 2004, 2 x 16mm, colour, sound, 30 min
Each artist worked independently on one panel of a double screen ‘exquisite corpse’.