Luis Recoder + Sandra Gibson

Date: 30 October 2006 | Season: London Film Festival 2006 | Tags:

Monday 30 October 2006, at 7:30pm
London ICA Theatre

Luis Recoder & Sandra Gibson, Untitled, USA, 2006, variable duration
New York artists Luis Recoder + Sandra Gibson create innovative and engaging light works in which they interact with and manipulate the projected image. Though their work is grounded in cinema, it goes beyond an understanding of what film is, taking into consideration the architecture and conditions of the performing / viewing situation and the physical and emotional presence of light itself. From the inventive ways that they create images on the film strip to the use of multiple projection in live performance, Recoder + Gibson are two of the most vital young artists active in the field of ‘expanded cinema’. Rarely seen in the UK, their work has been featured in the Whitney Biennial and many major festivals. This untitled piece was developed in collaboration with experimental musician Daniel Menche and first presented at ‘Kill Your Timid Notion’ in Dundee earlier this year. The performance uses multiple 16mm projectors and an ingenious method of refracting and transforming the beams of light. As the work unfolds, Recoder + Gibson subtly manipulate the projectors, creating a constantly changing and hypnotic sequence of abstract imagery reminiscent of Rothko and colour field painting.

Please Note: Arrive Early ! This piece will be running as an installation from 19.00 and will shift into the live performance sometime after 19.30. The performance will be between 60-90 minutes long.