Literary Landscapes

Date: 29 October 2005 | Season: London Film Festival 2005 | Tags:

Saturday 29 October 2005, at 4pm
London National Film Theatre NFT3

David Gatten, The Great Art of Knowing, USA, 2004, 37 min
‘On either side of a Life find a Library before and an Auction after: consider these figures as the sites for a collection created for the purposes of division and dispersal. This chapter of my ongoing exploration of the Byrd library finds its name and shape within a single volume from that collection: Kircher’s 17th century encyclopaedia. Herein find tangled texts and crossed destinies, filled with figures at once buried deep and tossed high by History, lined with traces of a forbidden romance. Love finds purchase between tightly shelved volumes.’ (DG)

Matthew Noel-Tod, Nausea, UK, 2005, 60 min
Nausea is a synthesis of text and image that draws inspiration from Impressionism, On Kawara, Barnett Newman and the existential diary by Jean-Paul Sartre from which it adopts its title. The video footage is a journal of observations shot entirely on a mobile phone. Crudely low resolution, it retains a fuzzy warmth and familiarity rather than the cold, impersonal qualities of much digital technology, challenging a ‘certain end-point in cinema, wherein we only ever imagine and receive mediated images.’ (MNT)