LUX Salon: Jerome Hiler

Date: 8 November 2004 | Season: LUX Salon

Monday 8 November 2004, at 7:30pm
London LUX

Film artist Jerome Hiler presents a rare 16mm work-in-progress screening of In the Stone House, a project he has been working on since the 1960s.

“The film I am presenting is composed mainly from spontaneous renderings of ordinary life. My method was to work directly with the Bolex camera as a sort of transformation device rather than to dream up some sort of plan and execute that. The moments of vision in the film, be they insightful or mundane, are joined by moments of complete blackout. These blackouts, which are like the blinking of an inner eye, create discontinuity and flow at the same time.

My experience as an artist has shown me that the work produced has been like a mirror held up to myself rather than to nature. My memory of the day before yesterday is already spotty and I have no idea what the next hour will bring. I actually can see myself bumbling from event to event in my life thanks to the very effort I make to establish sense and order in my film. The film, then, is a reflection of that fabulous combination of brilliance in the moment and desperate hoping for the best as it steps forward into unknown territory.”

Jerome Hiler