LUX Salon: Barbara Hammer

Date: 30 March 2004 | Season: LUX Salon | Tags:

Tuesday 30 March 2004, at 7:30pm
London LUX

Barbara Hammer, is an internationally recognised film artist who has made over eighty films and videos, and is considered a pioneer of lesbian-feminist experimental cinema.

Barbara Hammer, Dyketactics, 1974, colour, sound, 4 min
Barbara Hammer, Multiple Orgasm, 1977, colour, sound, 6 min
Barbara Hammer, Double Strength, 1978, colour, sound, 16 min
Barbara Hammer, Our Trip, 1980, colour, sound, 4 min
Barbara Hammer, Sync Touch, 1981, colour, sound, 10 min
Barbara Hammer, No No Nooky T.V., 1987, b/w & colour, sound, 12 min 

“To discover and uncover the invisible images and material in photography, film and video has been my pursuit for over twenty-five years as a pioneer lesbian artist. I have made over seventy-seven film and videos since 1972. All my work is about revealing, showing, expressing, uncovering that which has not been seen before. I try to give voice and image to those who have been denied personal expression. I continue to be involved in formal structure determined by the content of the material. Over the years my films and videos have evolved to dense referential montages characterised by a challenging montage/collage of image and audio. I seek to empower the viewing audience to “make their own film” by working in a non-linear, metaphoric and fragmented manner. It is a political act to work and speak as a lesbian artist in the dominant art world and to speak as an avant-garde artist to a lesbian and gay audience. My presence and voice address both issues of homophobia as well as the need for an emerging community to explore a new imagination.” (Barbara Hammer)