California Consciousness

Date: 19 June 2003 | Season: California Sound/California Image

Thursday 19 June 2003, at 7pm
London Barbican Screen

The California Dream became a psychedelic hallucination when eastern mysticism fused with drug-fuelled fantasy in the heady 60s & 70s. Transcend trance end.

James Whitney, Lapis, 1963-66, colour, sound, 10 min
Scott Bartlett, 1970, 1972, colour, sound, 29 min
James Broughton, This is it, 1971, colour, sound, 9 min
Jordan Belson, Re-Entry, 1964, colour, sound, 6 min
Pat O’Neill, 7362, 1965-67, colour, sound, 10 min
Gunvor Nelson, Take Off, 1972, b/w, sound, 10 min
Charles I. Levine, Apropo of San Francisco, 1968, colour, sound, 4 min