West Coast Beat

Date: 13 June 2003 | Season: California Sound/California Image

Friday 13 June 2003, at 7pm
London Barbican Screen

The cellular, celluloid merger of the literary and artistic underground, featuring Michael McClure, Jack Hirschman, Henry Jacobs, Jay DeFeo, Wallace Berman, Christopher MacLaine. Beat Poets + Beat Artists = Beat Cinema.

Larry Jordan, Visions of a City, 1957/78, sepia, sound, 7 min
Frank Stauffacher, Sausalito, 1948, b/w, sound, 10 min
Wallace Berman, Untitled (Aleph), 1958/76, colour, silent, 10 min
Bruce Conner, The White Rose, 1967, b/w, sound, 7 min
Jane Belson, Odds and Ends, 1958, colour, sound, 5 min
Christopher MacLaine, The End, 1963, b/w & colour, sound, 35 min
Henry Hills, Kino Da!, 1981, b/w, sound, 4 min