RBMC: Multiplying Mirrors

Date: 16 November 2002 | Season: London Film Festival 2002 | Tags: ,

Saturday 16 November 2002, at 7:30pm
London 291 Gallery


Consisting entirely of expanded cinema works emphasising the ephemeral nature of film’s more experimental aspect. Works for two or more projectors mixing video and film, or film and 3D slides, or layering, doubling, or tripling images, in 16mm or Super-8, with variable speeds and multiple screens … performative and unfixed. (Bradley Eros & Brian Frye)

Bruce McClure, Physical Cultures, USA, 2002, 10 min
A presentation of slipping light events, crude and natural, using two 16mm loops with colour filters.

F.P. Boué, T, Switzerland-USA, 1998, 7 min
Traces of simultaneous construction and demolition observed under a monumental bridge over many days, under many lights. Projected presence and absence of tectonic entities and floating layers: recurring solid black intervals give way to rhythms built in the image.

Glen Fogel, Control Sequences, USA, 2000, 6 min
The camera is not so much an eye but a strong hand guiding us through its own desire. The once familiar landmarks and contours of the body are confused through intense close-up and the layering of plastic and water, film and video.

Glen Fogel, Ascension. USA, 2001, 6 min
Taken from 3 weeks recordings of The Price is Right, the film explores the intense emotional transformation of game show contestants, a joy so extreme that it crosses the line between pleasure and pain, euphoria and sadness.

Bradley Eros, Solar Anus, USA, 2001, 6 min
A porn-iconoclastic double pink, in a cosmological labyrinth, anointed by an amorous frenzy. Layers found and unbound, from sex to science to surgery, of the ocular, oneric, and obscene. Inspired by Bataille’s circulatory text.

Bradley Eros, Osmosis, USA, 1972-2002, 10 min
Oscillating Simultaneous Memories Of Sensuality’s Intimate Spectrum. The elemental, the ephemeral, & the constructed in a process of absorption and diffusion.

Zoe Beloff, Claire and Don in Slumberland, Scotland-USA, 2002, 30 min
Claire and Don traffics in the phantasmal, the monstrous, and the home movie in its journey into the unconscious. I imagined characters whose particular sensitive mental state would allow them to hear sounds inaudible to our waking ears, sounds that still, in some unknown wavelength, reverberated from the radio towers, sounds of other vanished inhabitants of this world.’

Presented in association with Light Readings.

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