Within the Realms of Abstraction

Date: 9 November 2002 | Season: London Film Festival 2002 | Tags:

Saturday 9 November 2002, at 12pm
London National Film Theatre NFT3

Fred Worden, Automatic Writing 2, USA, 2000, 12 min
Negotiating the mysterious zone where light and no-light flutter in a fecund equipoise: A home-made rocket to realms unknown to any movie camera or photo lens.

Richard Reeves, 1:1, Canada, 2001, 5 min
Cameraless animation about the 1:1 relationship between sound & picture, scratched and painted onto 35mm film.

Joost Rekveld, 23:2 Book of Mirrors, Netherlands, 2002, 12 min
The multiplication of light beams through mirrors and kaleidoscopes. Music composed by Rozalie Hirs and performed by the Asko Ensemble.

Jud Yalkut, Light Display: Color, USA, 2002, 7 min
Analogue and digital transformations of footage shot of Laslo Moholy-Nagy’s kinetic sculpture ‘Light Display Machine’.

Fred Worden, The Or Cloud, USA, 2001, 6 min
A guided adventure for the eyeballs and the mind; a rushing stream of articulated energy to resonate with the inner biological current.

Goh Harada, Blaufilm, Japan-Germany, 2001, 10 min
Hand-made ‘imageless’ film created using only blank film, transparent silicone and blue pigment.

Stan Brakhage, Lovesong 4, USA, 2002, 7 min
‘Composed of only four colours: Lavender, Purple, Green, and Turquoise. Their dance with the darkness suggests an inter-action of bodies.’ Despite continued battles with ill health, Stan Brakhage continues to issue forth with exquisite hand-painted films.

Pip Chodorov, Charlemagne 2: Pilzer, France, 2002, 22 min
Footage of a private piano concert by Charlemagne Palestine is broken down into a meticulously structured flicker film through the optical printing of positive and negative frames. Each individual image corresponds to the notes played on the soundtrack (the live performance) by way of their audio/visual frequency and rate of progression.

Repeat Screening: Monday 11 November 2002, at 6:30pm, London NFT3

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