8mm Films from the London Co-op

Date: 29 May 2002 | Season: Infinite Projection, Shoot Shoot Shoot 2002 | Tags:

Wednesday 29 May 2002, at 7:30pm
London The Photographers’ Gallery

The home movie format of 8mm can empower artists to make extremely personal and direct film observations. Spontaneity and intimacy are inherent to this pocket sized system. This special evening of single and multi-screen small gauge wonders concludes Shoot Shoot Shoot, a major retrospective of British avant-garde film, which screens at Tate Modern throughout May. Many of the makers will be on hand to introduce their work.

David Crosswaite, Puddle, UK, 1968, b/w, silent, 4 min
Mike Dunford, Four Short Films, UK, 1969, b/w & colour, silent, 10 min
Mike Dunford, One Million Unemployed in Winter 1971, UK, 1971, colour, sound-on-tape, 4 min
Jeff Keen, Wail, UK, 1960, colour, silent, 5 min
Jeff Keen, Like the Time is Now, UK, 1961, colour, silent, 6 min
Malcolm Le Grice, China Tea, UK, 1965, colour, silent, 10 min
Annabel Nicolson, Black Gate, UK, 1976, colour, silent, 4 min
Sally Potter, Jerk, UK, 1969, b/w, silent, 3 min (two screen)
William Raban, Sky, UK, 1969, colour, silent, 5 min (four screen)
John Smith, Out the Back, UK, 1974, colour, silent, 4 min

David Crosswaite, Mike Dunford, Malcolm Le Grice, Sally Potter, William Raban and John Smith in attendence.