Larry Jordan 1: Real Worlds Imagined (Live Action Films)

Date: 4 May 2001 | Season: Larry Jordan | Tags:

Friday 4 May 2001, at 10:00pm

Oberhausen Lichtburg Filmpalast

Larry Jordan, Triptych in Four Parts, USA, 1958, 16mm, 12 min
A kaleidoscopic document of the West Coast in the beat era, and a search for spiritual adventure. 1 Portrait of artist John Reed; 2 & 3 The quest for the sacred peyote cactus; 4 The family of Wallace Berman. 

Larry Jordan, Waterlight, USA, 1957, 16mm, 7 min
The transition from land to sea, and from day to night and day again. The filmmaker embarks upon a personal journey of discovery, to find out what is actually in the world and not just in his own mind.

Larry Jordan, Big Sur: The Ladies, USA, 1964, 16mm, 3 min 
An impulsive cine-poem of the mostly nude ladies at the Big Sur Baths, set against the incredible California coastline. By editing entirely in-camera, the filmmaker preserves the exhuberance of the moment. A celebration of light, the sun, the joy of living.

Larry Jordan, Visions of the City, USA, 1957-79, 16mm, 9 min 
The poet Michael McClure emerges from the reflected image, only to be absorbed into the hard surface of the city. A hypnotic photo essay that captures the rhythmic and melodic essence of San Francisco, 1957.

Larry Jordan, Postcard from San Miguel, USA, 1997, 16mm, 10 min
Jordan’s most recently completed film is a poetic postcard of San Miguel de Allende, set to music by Gabriel Fauré. The atmosphere of the past is evoked through the town’s colonial architecture, punctuated by lines from Lorca.

Larry Jordan, The Old House, Passing, USA, 1966, 16mm, 45 min
A young couple and their daughter spend their night in an old house and become magnetically involved with the past life of its occupants. Slow moving and dark, this ghost-film revolves around an elusive plot that has been elliptically cut by experimental editing from memory. With the drama subverted, the film develops into a representation of a mood, as the human world merges with the spirit world.

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