Little Stabs at Happiness

Date: 10 October 2000 | Season: Leeds Film Festival 2000, Little Stabs at Happiness

Tuesday 10 October 2000, at 8:30pm
Leeds The Hi-Fi

“Why do they do it Montag ? It’s sheer perversion”.

“Little Stabs At Happiness”, a nightclub hosted by Mark Webber of the pop group Pulp, has been taking place at the ICA in London since December 1997. The club, named after a Ken Jacobs short, presents films and music seldom seen or heard in public. Early in the evening there will be screenings of three short underground films by Manuel De Landa, Charles Levine and Owen Land, interspersed with experimental music or middle-of-the-road classics played at a low volume so you can sit around and talk. The music stops to make way for Francois Truffaut’s oddball feature Fahrenheit 451, a glimpse of a future where books are burned and big brother is always watching. When the credits roll, the volume rises and the dancing begins. DJ’s Gregory Kurcewicz, BR Wallers and Mark Webber play real songs with a beat you dance to. Reacquaint yourself with records you’d forgot as we roll out the disco classic, new wave big beats and chart toppers of yesteryear. This ain’t no arty poseur nonsense or kitsch school disco trip down memory lane.

Fahrenheit 451 (François Truffaut, 1966)
Plus: Wide Angle Saxon (Owen Land, 1974); Peaches and Cream (Charles Levine, 1969); The Itch-Scratch-Itch Cycle (Manuel De Landa, 1977)