Came the Loop Before the Sampler

Date: 6 May 2000 | Season: Oberhausen 2000 | Tags:

Saturday 6 May 2000, at 10:00pm
Oberhausen Lichtburg Filmpalast

A film programme conceived as a celebration of the loop in its purest form, from the days before its inherent, repetitive beauty was abused by the talent-challenged masses of modern musicians. I oppose the use of drum loops and sampled sections “borrowed” from other people’s hard work in order to compensate for an individual’s lack of creativity. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but only if it is done in an intelligent manner. There are clever (and respectful) ways in which to quote someone else’s material that bears no relation to using another’s talent to counteract your lack of imagination. The programme is partially conceived as an audio / visual assault on the sample-mongers, but in turn provides divine retribution for those of who appreciate the loop in it’s absolute, most crafted form.

Robert Nelson, Oh Dem Watermelons, 1965, 12 min
Peter Kubelka, Adebar, 1956-57, 1.5 min
Anthony Balch & William Burroughs, The Cut-Ups, 1967, 10 min
Keewatin Dewdney, The Maltese Cross Movement, 1967, 8 min
Joyce Wieland, 1933, 1967, 4 min
Owen Land (formerly known as George Landow), Thank You Jesus for the Eternal Present: 1, 1973, 6 min
Chris Garratt, Exit Right, 1976, 5 min
Standish Lawder, Runaway, 1969, 6 min
Malcolm Le Grice, Reign of the Vampire, 1970, 15 min
Bruce Conner, Looking for Mushrooms, 1961-67/1995, 14 min

Note: Although it was only announced as the second film in the programme, Adebar by Peter Kubelka was projected eight times, between all the other films.