Introduction to Peter Gidal 1

Date: 7 October 2016 | Season: Peter Gidal: Flare Out

Friday 7 October 2016, at 9pm
Brussels Cinematek

Introduced by Peter Gidal and Mark Webber

From his first period (Clouds, 1969) to his latest film (not far at all), through Flare Out, the 1992 film that gives the recent book from The Visible Press its title, Gidal frames empty skies and a volcano to question, by the means of film, what the viewer believes he sees and “[to pose] the basic questions of aesthetics, what it is to view, how to view the unknown as to view the known is not possibly a viewing.” —Olivier Dekegel

Peter Gidal, Clouds, 1969, 10 min
Peter Gidal, Flare Out, 1992, 20 min
Peter Gidal, Volcano, 2002, 30 min
Peter Gidal, not far at all, 2013, 15 min