Altered States

Date: 22 October 2011 | Season: London Film Festival 2011 | Tags:

Saturday 22 October 2011, at 2pm
London BFI Southbank NFT3

Ben Russell, Trypps #7 (Badlands), USA, 2010, 10 min
The mirror crack’d: As a young woman, high on LSD, looks toward the camera, the doors of perception swing open for both viewer and subject.

Mary Helena Clark, While You Were Sleeping, USA, 2010, 9 min
‘This is your life. It rides like a dream.’ (MHC)

Neil Beloufa, Sans Titre, France, 2010, 15 min
In a reconstruction of a villa occupied by terrorists during the Algerian War, onlookers speculate on the activities that took place.

Emily Wardill, The Pips, UK, 2011, 4 min
A gymnast performs, and everything begins to fall away …

Deborah Stratman, … These Blazeing Starrs!. USA, 2011, 14 min
Watch the skies! Throughout history, comets have heralded events of grave significance and change; today it is thought that they can reveal facts about the formation of the universe.

Michael Robinson, These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us, USA, 2010, 13 min
‘Tired of underworld and overworld alike, Isis escorts her favourite son on their final curtain call down the Nile, leaving a neon wake of shattered tombs and sparkling sarcophagi.’ (MR)

Also Screening: Thursday 27 October 2011, at 3:45pm, NFT3