Gregory J. Markopoulos: Programme 1

Date: 28 March 2009 | Season: Gregory Markopoulos 2009 | Tags: ,

London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2009
Saturday 28 March 2009, at 4:30pm
London BFI Southbank NFT3

Gregory J. Markopoulos, USA, 1963, 16mm, colour, sound, 49 min
with Paul Kilb, Olympia Dukakis, Albert Torgesen
Twice A Man is a fragmented re-imagining of the Greek myth of Hippolytus, who was killed after rejecting the advances of his stepmother. Markopoulos’ vision transposes the legend to 1960s New York and has its main character abandon his mother for an elder man. Employing sensuous use of colour, the film radicalised narrative construction with its mosaic of ‘thought images’ that shift tenses and compress time. One of the touchstones of independent filmmaking, Twice A Man was made in the same remarkable milieu as Scorpio Rising and Flaming Creatures by a filmmaker named ‘the American avant-garde cinema’s supreme erotic poet’ by its key critic P. Adams Sitney.

Gregory J. Markopoulos, USA, 1966, 16mm, colour, sound, 7 min
An extraordinary self-portrait conveyed through the multiple layered superimpositions of the filmmaker’s sparsely furnished room.