Throw Your Watch to the Water

Date: 31 October 2004 | Season: London Film Festival 2004 | Tags:

Sunday 31 October 2004, at 7pm
London National Film Theatre NFT3

Eugeni Bonet, Tira Tu Reloj al Agua (Throw Your Watch to the Water), Spain, 2004, 91 min
José Val del Omar (1904-82), one of the pioneers of European avant-garde film, remains virtually unknown outside of Spain. His visionary Triptico Elemental de España (1953-61) embodies the soul, landscape and diverse cultural mix of his Andalucian homeland, connecting life on our planet with the elementary forces of the universe. Using material shot by the film-maker between 1968-82, Eugeni Bonet has assembled Throw Your Watch to the Water, whose images, ranging from documentary to complete abstraction, mark the passage from the earthly world to a transcendental plane. The film opens in the Alhambra, detailing the intricate Moorish architecture, pulsing fountains and activities of the local people. The ancient citadel, at first serene and regal, is overrun by the transparent bodies of tourists, whilst the ‘videoterrorifico mirror’ of television reflects the frenzy of modern media. Val del Omar envisaged a ‘cinematic vibration’ that would be the vertex of his life’s work, and this film, in which images and thoughts flow free of time, is a meta-mystical allegory that seeks a unity between the spiritual realm, the ancient world and contemporary life.

Also Screening: Saturday 30 October 2004, at 8:30pm, London ICA2