Travel Songs

Date: 30 October 2004 | Season: London Film Festival 2004 | Tags:

Saturday 30 October 2004, at 4pm
London National Film Theatre NFT3

Robert Breer, What Goes Up, USA, 2003, 5 min
A volley of rapid visual associations from the mind of Robert Breer, animating collage, drawings and snapshots in a playful, but rigorous manner. What goes up must come down.

Jonas Mekas, Travel Songs 1967-1981, USA, 2003, 24 min
In short bursts and single frames, memories of European journeys rush by like landscapes through train windows. This ebullient album of previously unseen footage contains songs of Assisi, Avila, Moscow, Stockholm and Italy.

Frank Biesendorfer, Little B & MBT, USA-Germany, 2003, 30 min
An intimate journal featuring the film-maker’s family in their daily life, contrasted with audio recorded at one of Hermann Nitsch’s actions in his Austrian castle. Despite their diverse sources, the sound and image weave a tangled spell around each other.

Robert Fenz, Meditations on Revolution V: Foreign City, USA, 2003, 32 min
The Meditations series comes home for a journey through New York, viewed as a place of immigration and displacement. The urban environment, shot mostly at night in ecstatic black-and-white, becomes an almost exotic locale. Fenz’s incandescent cinematography reveals images of great beauty and compassion on the sidewalks and subway, as the film subtly shifts from anonymous street scenes into a sensitive portrait of jazz legend Marion Brown, who reminisces on his life and career as he convalesces in hospital.