Film Environments

Date: 24 September 2004 | Season: Expanded Cinema 2004 | Tags: , ,

Friday 24 September 2004, at 8pm
Dortmund PhoenixHalle

Four Square surrounds the audience with a quadrupled flicker film of solid colour frames. Light Music is an environmental double projection as musical composition, exploiting the properties of the optical film soundtrack. (What you see is what you hear.) Anthony McCall’s films are projected through a thin mist to give an apparently sculptural presence to a projected beam of light. In Doubling Back, two identical, moving sine-waveforms, create a fluid, organic volume of light for the spectator to observe or be immersed within.

Beverly & Tony Conrad, Four Square, 1971, 18 min, 4 screen environment
Lis Rhodes, Light Music, 1975, 25 min, 2 screen environment
Anthony McCall, Doubling Back, 2003, 30 min, 1 screen environment

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