Double Vision

Date: 18 September 2004 | Season: Expanded Cinema 2004 | Tags: ,

Saturday 18 September 2004, at 3:30pm
Dortmund PhoenixHalle

Using real time and time-lapse photography, Raban & Welsby each made films that take a systematic approach to temporal and spatial concerns, often in regard to landscape and environmental conditions. Play choreographs the movements of three pairs of twins, seen from the filmmakers’ window. Shot simultaneously with two cameras, the projected image appears to reconstruct real space. Gill Eatherley’s Pan Film tracks across the personal space of her room, contrasting the positive and negative image.

William Raban & Chris Welsby, River Yar, 1971-72, 35 min, 2 screen film
Chris Welsby, Wind Vane, 1971, 8 min, 2 screen film
Sally Potter, Play, 1971, 10 min, 2 screen film
William Raban, Angles of Incidence, 1973, 12 min, 2 screen film
Gill Eatherley, Pan Film, 1972, 8 min, 3 screen film

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