Literature and Myth

Date: 16 April 2004 | Season: Gregory Markopoulos 2004 | Tags: ,

Friday 16 April 2004, at 6.20pm
London National Film Theatre NFT2

Two contemporary, personal interpretations of classical literature. In Swain, an early psychodrama based on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel ‘Fanshawe’, a young man flees from a woman who represents an oppressive sexual identity. Twice A Man is a modern adaptation of the myth of Hippolytus, in which a chaste youth rejects the advances of his mother and is saved from death by a caring physician. This film demonstrates a great stylistic leap as Markopoulos introduces single-frame montage and a more elliptical narrative process.

Gregory Markopoulos, Swain, USA, 1950, 25 min
Gregory Markopoulos, Twice A Man, USA, 1963, 49 min

The programme will be introduced by Robert Beavers, filmmaker and director of Temenos Inc.

Also Screening: Sunday 18 April 2004, at 8.40pm, NFT2