Video Visions

Date: 1 November 2003 | Season: London Film Festival 2003 | Tags:

Saturday 1 November 2003, at 2pm
London National Film Theatre NFT3

Ezra Eeman, Look at me standing here, Belgium, 2001, 8 min
An apparently mundane view of a pedestrian area … what is happening? Image seamlessly sticks and cuts, sound drifts from super-realism to atmospheric score. Time suspends as the sense of alienation and displacement distends. The centre of the city is a lonely place.

Pierre-Yves Cruaud, Le Silence est en Marche, France, 2001, 4 min
A horizontal arrangement of bands of light slowly gives way to emerging human forms, seen from above, passing through the frame. Though digital manipulation, a situation is suggested, but never seen. Sound is a sonic crackle and pulse.

Michaela Schwentner, Jet, Austria, 2003, 6 min
Dynamic recycling of treated and degraded video, structured to a track by electronic sound artists Radian.

Keiichi Tanaami, WHY Re-Mix, 2002, Japan, 2002, 10 min
Footage of a boxing match is reduced to printed still images and its constituent dots are enlarged and contrasted into an optical moiré. Assault not insult. A blitz of sound and image by Japanese animator, graphic designer Tanaami, based on his 1975 film Why.

Steve Reinke, Anal Masturbation & Object Loss, USA, 2002, 6 min
Reinke protests the ubiquity of theory and conjecture, while proposing a new art school where nothing is produced except discourse. To protect the students from undue influence, the pages of the library books must be glued together.

George Kuchar, Forbidden Fruits, USA, 2002, 15 min
George’s video diaries continue, slipping between reverie and reality, with a visit to the SF Art Institute, dinner in Chinatown and a lush daydream of sprouting seduction. Sap rises and spring swings when a tour of a friend’s garden detours into flights of floral fantasy.

Peter Rose, The Geosophist’s Tears, USA, 2002, 8 min
Travelling shots from a cross-country road trip are tiled and matted to propose impossible vistas.

Gerhard Geiger, Franz und Klara, Germany, 2003, 4 min
Geiger seeks an equivalent, format-specific editing style for digital video, to those techniques he has used for concentrated 16mm filmmaking.

Wago Kreider, Marvelous Creatures, USA, 2003, 3 min
Gaudily lit waxworks of Hollywood icons and the animals of a diorama, rapidly intercut with their subjects’ natural environments – classic movies and the zoo.

Jeroen Offerman, The Stairway at St. Paul’s, Netherlands-UK, 2002, 9 min
Inspired by rumours of satanic messages hidden in rock records, Offerman memorised and performed the vocal track of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in its entirety, backwards. A continuous shot taped outside St. Paul’s Cathedral and then reversed to present the classic song in a skewed, but legitimate, new way. Sincere, admirable, and very, very funny.

Tony Cokes & Scott Pagano, 5%, USA, 2001, 10 min
Critical commentary on the business practices of the music industry, ripping apart the illusory promises made to the consumer.

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, I Am A Boyband, Canada, 2002, 6 min
A music video for a group of cloned pop stars. Nemerofsky Ramsay splits his own personality to create the perfect boy band of four distinct and desirable youngsters. All the ingredients are there; and it makes so much sense on a commercial level. Their song of heartbreak is an Elizabethan madrigal, ‘Come Again, Sweet Love’ by composer John Dowland (1563-1626).