The Decay of Fiction

Date: 31 October 2003 | Season: London Film Festival 2003 | Tags:

Friday 31 October 2003, at 11:30pm
London National Film Theatre NFT1

Pat O’Neill, The Decay of Fiction, USA, 2002, 74 min
Pat O’Neill describes The Decay of Fiction as an intersection of fact and hallucination in an abandoned luxury hotel. The hotel in question is The Ambassador in Hollywood, once the grand playground of politicians and movie stars, now shabby and awaiting demolition. Against this decaying glamour, O’Neill reconstructs and reconfigures a noir-tinged narrative, in which stories slip between fact and fiction, memory and urban myth. A tall, elegant blonde stands on the terrace of her bungalow, smoking and watching the sunrise. A group of sinister men arrive and ask for Jack. Guests come and go, and so do the cops… Renowned for his brilliant and unique compositional processes using optical printing to articulate different layers in the film frame, O’Neill draws on over three decades of experimentation to compose this sensuous exploration of the boundaries of believability. (Sandra Hebron)

Screening with

Janie Geiser, Ultima Thule, USA, 2002, 10 min
An animated journey into uncharted territory. ‘A small silver plane navigates an ultramarine storm, flying over cloud-covered hills; an unlikely ferry to Ultima Thule: the farthest point, the limit of any journey.’