Peter Tscherkassky. From Super-8 to Scope.

Date: 1 June 2003 | Season: Essential Frame

Sunday 1 June 2003, at 8pm
London Film School

Peter Tscherkassky will introduce a selection of his film work, explaining the methods and theories behind his process driven filmmaking.

Peter Tscherkassky, tabula rasa, 1987/89, 17 min
Peter Tscherkassky, Parallel Space: Inter-View, 1992, 18 min
Peter Tscherkassky, L’Arrivée, 1998, 2 min
Peter Tscherkassky, Outer Space, 1999, 10 min
Peter Tscherkassky, Dream Work, 2001, 12 min
Peter Tscherkassky, Happy End, 1996, 11 min

“In Tscherkassky’s hands the ‘industrial’ 35mm film became a body with visual and audio qualities which allows itself to be shaped and formed and expanded with a truly voluptuous desire. The opportunities specific to the material are not at all obsolete, nor have they been fully exploited, and they can be equally dramatic as the genre films and illusions for which the 35mm strip normally serves as an ‘unconscious’ vehicle.” (Alexander Horwarth)