Cinema Auricular: Cinema of the Ear

Date: 13 October 2001 | Season: Cinema Auricular

13 October – 21 October 2001
London Barbican Centre & Tate Modern

A season of film and video as part of the ELEKTRONIC festival at the Barbican.

It might seem logical to suppose a historical and natural link between electronic music and abstract or impressionistic films, but there are surprisingly few examples of films that were made in direct collaboration between filmmakers and composers or musicians. However, there is a significant body of films that ‘borrow’ or re-appropriate recordings of contemporary music, and a number of works for which their makers have assembled soundtracks which may, if separated from the visuals, be heard as extraordinary electronic compositions. In such films, electronic, tape music, noise, primitive sampling and musique concrete come together in chaos or harmony to accompany astounding visual constructions.

The film series of the Elektronic festival will present screenings in which the sound and image complement each other on the highest level. It will feature an international selection of historic and contemporary works by Bruce Conner, Malcolm Le Grice, Peter Tscherkassky and others, and a live music and film concert by Phill Niblock. Composers whose unique works may be heard of the soundtracks include Edgar Varese, Christian Fennesz, Terry Riley and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

The series will open with an informal screening in the Barbican Pit Theatre on the afternoon of Saturday 13th October. Between the films, Mark Webber and Gregory Kurcewicz will be playing recordings of rare and wonderful electronic music. Come down to our level and see what you’re in for.