The Somnambulist’s Retreat

Date: 5 May 2001 | Season: Miscellaneous | Tags:

Saturday 5 May 2001, at midnight

Oberhausen Festival Lounge

Peter Hutton, New York Near Sleep For Saskia, 1972, 10 min
Subtle refractions of light bring a heightened perception. We are slowly drifting away.

Steve Dwoskin, Alone, 1964, 13 min
Maybe her finger is only her finger. And no dreams live as she waits in her bed alone.

Willard Maas, Image In The Snow, 1948, 29 min
Spiritual journey through the landscape of a dream leads to a world of violence and disillusionment.

Kenneth Anger, La Lune Des Lapins, 1950-70, 14 min (long version)
The moon is a symbol of the unattainable. A lunar dream of Pierrot and the magic lantern.

Stan Vanderbeek, Newsreel of Dreams 1 & 2, 1963-64, 9 min (2 screen)
Synthetic videographic collage of history as dream events that disappear inside each other.

Paul Winkler, Chants, 1975, 15 min
A cross moves endlessly in the black void: go toward it, reach out to your own higher consciousness.

Jordan Belson, World, 1970, 6 min
Fall deeper into the ultimate meditation. A cosmic abstraction of sound and image. An inner universe.

Plus pre-recorded dream music played by Mark Webber and Gregory Kurcewicz.

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