Ken Jacobs’ Nervous System: 4

Date: 7 November 2000 | Season: Ken Jacobs Nervous System

Oxford Phoenix Picture House Cinema
Tuesday 7 November 2000, at 7pm

Ken Jacobs, USA, 1997, Nervous Magic Lantern, b/w, sound, c.25 min
Impossible movements … impossible spaces … issue forth from a single, somewhat unusual slide projector (of British manufacture) employed in an unexpected way. Cinema without film or electronics. And, as with The Nervous System (utilising pairs of projectors), depth phenomena is produced that can be seen as such without special viewing spectacles, and even by a single eye. (Ken Jacobs)

Ken Jacobs, USA, 1996, Nervous System, b/w, sound, c.60 min
Lumiere Brothers 1896 / Ken Jacobs 1996
A wide Paris street lined with small shops. Horse carriages and passers-by move freely about (there seem to be no designated traffic lanes). A wedding procession mounts church steps, advancing towards the camera. Their ascent remains stately throughout, if also spatially delirious. In keeping with the mystery of the nuptial sacrament, the bride in white – creature of light, of white movie screen – is allowed only a hint of facial features. Her older brother escorts her, the groom follows. The brother is Charles Molsson, the Lumiere machinist that built their first camera and hand wound the projector at The Grand Café, place of their first public screening. It is more than likely that this is the first wedding movie. (Ken Jacobs)

This performance was made possible thanks to the support of the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. Thanks to Kerry Brougher of MoMA and all at British Screen and Picture House Cinemas.