Bruce Baillie & Chick Strand

Date: 7 November 1998 | Season: Underground America

Saturday 7 November 1998, at 7:00pm
London Lux Centre

An evening of films by the founders of Canyon Cinema, the west coast’s version of the Film-Makers’ Cooperative, which is still one of the major distributors of experimental work. Bruce Baillie is one of the most American of directors and he exposes and investigates American myths and dreams in complex multi-layered masterpieces such as Mass (For The Dakota Sioux) and Quixote. Chick Strand’s short films are simple and sensuous haiku poems.

Bruce Baillie, Mass (For The Dakota Sioux), 1964, 24 min
Bruce Baillie, Quixote, 1964-67, 45 min
Bruce Baillie, Castro Street, 1966, 10 min
Bruce Baillie, All My Life, 1966, 3 min
Chick Strand, Kulu Se Mama, 1966, 3 min
Chick Strand, Waterfall, 1967, 3 min
Chick Strand, Anselmo, 1966, 4 min
Chick Strand, Angel Sweet Blue Wings, 1966, 4 min