Gregory Markopoulos

Date: 6 November 1998 | Season: Underground America | Tags:

Friday 6 November 1998, at 9:00pm
London Lux Centre

Gregory Markopoulos is one of the most respected figures in the history of film art. Today it is almost impossible to evaluate his work as he withdrew his films from distribution in the late 1960s and they have been rarely shown since. In his later years he developed plans for the Temenos, a dedicated archive and film theatre devoted to his work, and the Eniaios cycles incorporating over 100 of his films which were edited but not printed before his death in 1992. His works are often based on epic myth and classical texts. The Illiac Passion, which took 3 years to complete, is widely considered his masterpiece and features many important figures from the Underground including Andy Warhol, Jack Smith, Beverly Conrad and Taylor Mead. With Ming Green, Markopoulos made a portrait study of his apartment, it was shot in one day and edited in camera. This is a unique opportunity to see films by one of the greatest stylists of the New American Cinema. The programme will be introduced by Robert Beavers.

Gregory Markopoulos, Ming Green, 1966, 7 min
Gregory Markopoulos, The Illiac Passion, 1967, 92 min