Ways of Seeing

Date: 5 November 1998 | Season: Underground America

Thursday 5 November 1998, at 7:00pm
London Lux Centre

An exploration of life on film through the eyes of different film-makers. In Recreation almost every subsequent frame is composed of completely disparate images. Stan Brakhage is one of the most productive and highly regarded masters of avant-garde film and Prelude: Dog Star Man is a major work. Death In The Forenoon is a short comedy utilising live action and animation. Ed Emshwiller was a remarkable technician and visionary, Relativity is his epic work about man’s place in the universe. Nightspring Daystar is a poetic notebook of images. The actor Jerry Joffen made unique film diaries and Bill Brand demonstrated a formal and direct way of presenting life through film that was important to the Structural movement.

Robert Breer, Recreation I, 1956-57, 2 min
Stan Brakhage, Prelude: Dog Star Man, 1961, 25 min
David Brooks, Nightspring Daystar, 1964, 18 min
Jerome Hill, Death In The Forenoon or Who’s Afraid Of Ernest Hemmingway, 1933-65, 2 min
Ed Emshwiller, Relativity, 1966, 38 min
Jerry Joffen, How Can We Tell The Dancer From The Dance?, 1970, 10 min
Bill Brand, Moment, 1972, 23 min