Ken Jacobs & Bob Fleischner

Date: 5 November 1998 | Season: Underground America

Thursday 5 November 1998, at 9:00pm
London Lux Centre

Ken Jacobs has been a constant innovator in the field of cinema. His early work with Jack Smith heralded a new underground aesthetic. The extraordinary Blonde Cobra was shot by Bob Fleischner and later edited by Jacobs, who added a soundtrack of Smith’s unique monologues. It is a remarkable achievement. Baud’larian Capers is a fantasy home movie starring Fleischner, who’s own film Grandma’s House is a tender labour of love set in Coney Island. Towards the end of the decade Jacobs utilised a more Structural approach, investigating space and composition in Soft Rain and making Globe, which blossoms into 3D when seen through a special viewer. In 1969 he made the monumental Tom, Tom, The Piper’s Son, a two hour epic shot by meticulously rephotographing a 1905 film of the same name.

Ken Jacobs & Bob Fleischner, Blonde Cobra, 1959-62, 33 min
Ken Jacobs, Baud’larian Capers, 1963-64, 20 min
Bob Fleischner, Grandma’s House, 1965, 25 min
Ken Jacobs, Soft Rain, 1968, 12 min
Ken Jacobs, Globe, 1971, 22 min