Visual Alchemy

Date: 1 November 1998 | Season: Underground America

Sunday 1 November 1998, at 7:00pm
London Lux Centre

A programme to demonstrate the magical properties of colour as it was manipulated by expert film artists. The abstract film-makers developed techniques in order to represent their cosmic visions without the use of recognisable imagery. Early pioneers like the Whitney Brothers made unique innovations. La Couleur De La Forme is like a masterclass of editing and printing technique. Jordan Belson was visual director of the legendary Vortex Concerts and went on to make special effects sequences in Hollywood for films like The Right Stuff. He rarely shows his work today because time has faded the perfect colours. Stan Vanderbeek made animated collages before developing multi screen expanded cinema pieces. Diffraction Film presents a sea of colour and was used in USCO’s sound and light presentations. Pat O’Neill and Scott Bartlett were two of the first film-makers to utilise video in their work. The Tattooed Man is a major work of graphic invention and image manipulation by the poet and film-maker Storm De Hirsch. Tom Chomont’s Oblivion provides stereoscopic visions when viewed through 3D glasses.

James Whitney, Yantra, 1950-55, 10 min
Hy Hirsh, La Couleur De La Forme, 1952, 5 min
Jordan Belson, Allures, 1961, 9 min
Jordan Belson, Re-Entry, 1964, 6 min
Stan Vanderbeek, Breathdeath, 1964, 10 min
Jud Yalkut, Diffraction Film, 1965, 10 min
James Whitney, Lapis, 1963-66, 9 min
Pat O’Neill, 7362, 1965-67, 10 min
Scott Bartlett, Offon, 1968, 9 min
Storm De Hirsch, The Tattooed Man, 1969, 35 min
Tom Chomont, Oblivion, 1969, 5 min