Magick & Shamanism

Date: 28 October 1998 | Season: Underground America

Wednesday 28 October 1998, at 8:45pm
London Barbican Cinema

An exhibition of two masters of cinema. Kenneth Anger made the legendary Scorpio Rising and several other films based around his theories of Magick. La Lune Des Lapins is shown here for the first time in its 15 minute version. Invocation Of My Demon Brother features a soundtrack by Mick Jagger. Lucifer Rising was Anger’s last completed film and features Marianne Faithfull and the director Donald Cammell. Harry Smith used his ideas about alchemy to make important animations from the 1940s on, and here we have the rare opportunity to see his later films incorporating live footage. Also, Marie Menken contributes an homage to Anger.

Kenneth Anger, La Lune Des Lapins (long version), 1950/72, 15 min
Harry Smith, Early Abstractions (No.7), 1951, 7 min
Marie Menken, Arabesque For Kenneth Anger, 1961, 5 min
Harry Smith, Mirror Animations (No.11), 1962-76, 11 min
Harry Smith, Late Superimpositions (No.14), 1964, 31 min
Kenneth Anger, Invocation Of My Demon Brother, 1969, 11 min
Kenneth Anger, Lucifer Rising, 1980, 31 min