The Closet + Salvador Dali + The Velvet Underground & Nico

Date: 19 March 2002 | Season: Andy Warhol Tate

Tuesday 19 March 2002, at 6:30pm
London Tate Modern

The Velvet Underground and Nico special programme

Andy Warhol, The Closet, USA, 1965, 66 min
Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, USA, 1966, 22 min
Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground & Nico, USA, 1966, 33 min (double screen)

For reasons which are not explained, Femme Fatale Nico and shy Randy Bourscheidt are two people living inside The Closet. The newly discovered Salvador Dali reel was used as a background to performances of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, and consists of several Screen Tests and the legendary Whip Dance to accompany “Venus in Furs”. The Velvet Underground & Nico shows the band rehearsing in the Factory, playing a unique extended improvisation which is eventually broken up by the New York Police Department.

Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory

Date: 21 March 2002 | Season: Andy Warhol Tate

Thursday 21 March 2002, at 8:00pm
London The Scala

An expanded cinema event with films, music and dancing. Several Warhol films will be shown, including a double screen projection of The Chelsea Girls.

Andy Warhol, The Chelsea Girls, USA, 1966, 210 min (double screen)

Warhol’s magnum opus that brought the avant-garde into commercial movie theatres. The two-screen format is used to depict simultaneous events indifferent rooms of the Chelsea Hotel, playing psychological situations against each other. The Factory Superstars, including “Pope” Ondine, Brigid Polk, Mary Woronov and Eric Emerson turn in extraordinary performances in this fascinating observation of New York’s subculture. Sex, drugs and divinity, with exclusive music by The Velvet Underground.

Also screening other Warhol films and footage to include Vinyl (1965), The Velvet Underground & Nico (1966) and Lupe (1965). 

Action on many levels with Superstar DJs including David Holmes, Bob Stanley/Pete Wiggs (St Etienne), Mark Webber (Pulp) and BBC Radio 3’s Richard Coles playing period pop, soul and opera.

Plus special guest live performances and interventions.

In association with Tate Magazine.

Bike Boy

Date: 24 March 2002 | Season: Andy Warhol Tate

Sunday 24 March 2002, at 3:00pm
London Tate Modern

Factory Sexploitation.

Andy Warhol, Bike Boy, USA, 1967-68, 109 min

The box office success of The Chelsea Girls provoked a significant change in the style of Warhol’s filmmaking, which moved towards a more commercial approach as Paul Morrissey took over production. The Bike Boy is Joe Spencer, a hick biker who is obviously out of his depth up against the fast-talking and extrovert Factory regulars Viva, Brigid Polk and Ingrid Superstar. One of a succession of sexploitation movies made throughout the late 60s.