On the Road with Robert Fenz

Sunday 23 October 2011, at 9pm, NFT3

Robert Fenz’s films explore cultural diversity and the human condition with a keen eye reminiscent of his tutors Peter Hutton and James Benning. Mixing improvisation with luminous photography, he offers a poetic but political worldview. An associate of Robert Gardner’s Studio7Arts, Fenz has collaborated with musician Wadada Leo Smith and worked as cinematographer for Chantal Akerman.

The Sole of the Foot
Robert Fenz | USA 2011 | 34 min
Filmed in France, Israel and Cuba. ‘Borders (and all the politics attending the drawing of borders) exist to keep some people in (citizenship) and others out. This film is an attempt to capture the presence of people otherwise denied the political right to be at home in some place that is their home, where they have their roots, where they have their being.’ (RF)

Robert Fenz | USA 2011 | 30 min
For Correspondence, Fenz travelled to places where the pioneering ethnographic filmmaker Robert Gardner shot three of his best-known films – West Papua (Dead Birds), Ethiopia (Rivers of Sand) and India (Forest of Bliss). While documenting present conditions in these locations, Fenz also constructs an elegy for a form of image-making that is now in decline.

Mark Webber

Also screening:
Monday 24 October 2011, at 2pm, NFT3

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