Where the Magic Happens

Sunday 21 October 2012, at 7pm, NFT3

Ten Minutiae
Peter Miller | Germany 2012 | 5 min
A series of brief exercises in cinematographic magic.

I am Micro
Shumona Goel & Shai Heredia | India 2011 | 15 min
‘Shot in an abandoned optics factory and centred on the activities of a low budget film crew, I am Micro is an experimental essay about filmmaking, the medium of film, and the spirit of making independent cinema.’ (SG/SH)

Rita Larson’s Boy
Kevin Jerome Everson | USA 2012 | 11 min
In one of a trilogy of works based on personalities from the filmmaker’s parents’ hometown, actors audition for the role of sitcom character Rollo Larson. As they attempt to inhabit the character, subtle variations in delivery bring a hypnotic dimension to disconnected lines and repetitive actions.

True-Life Adventure
Erin Espelie | USA 2012 | 4 min
Espelie trains her camera on the myriad life forms that coexist within a small area around a mountain creek. ‘When nature writes the screenplays, she doesn’t abide by crescendos.’ (EE)

Dark Garden
Nick Collins | UK 2011 | 9 min
Contours of light define the flowers and plants of a winter garden, filmed against the black expanse of the night sky.

Robert Todd | USA 2012 | 9 min
‘A film that sustains a complex condition: keeping the inner world alive as the camera looks ‘out’ upon the world.’ (RT)

By Pain and Rhyme and Arabesques of Foraging
David Gatten | USA 2012 | 8 min
An ‘experiment touching colours’ inspired by 17th Century scientist Robert Boyle, bringing together exquisite images shot over a 13-year period. Its title, from a sonnet by Jorie Graham, encapsulates the process and infers its poetic consequence.

The Creation As We Saw It
Ben Rivers | UK-Vanuatu 2012 | 14 min
Unexpectedly given the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, Ben Rivers chose Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Amidst the villages and landscapes of this remote archipelago, he sought out the creation myths and folktales of a distant culture.

Mark Webber

Erin Espelie will give a free talk and screening at The Natural History Museum on Mon 22 Oct 2012, at 2:30pm.