Peter Kubelka Presents Monument Film

Sunday 21 October 2012, at 2pm, NFT1

Peter Kubelka Presents Monument Film
Peter Kubelka | Austria 1960/2012 | c.90 min (lecture screening)
The Austrian filmmaker Peter Kubelka has been a vital and uncompromising force in cinema for more than half a century. In a body of work that lasts not much more than an hour in total, he condenses and articulates the essential qualities of analogue cinema, distinguishing film as an autonomous artform. His 1960 film Arnulf Rainer, composed only of the purest elements of light and darkness, sound and silence, remains one of the most radical achievements in film history. In 2012, his new work Antiphon – in equal terms a response to that earlier film and a testament to the entire medium – will be revealed in a unique lecture screening. With 35mm projectors situated in the auditorium, each film will be screened individually, then combined as double projections, both side-by-side and superimposed upon each other. Throughout the event, Kubelka will explicate his theories, communicating his enthusiasm for cinema, and the differences between film and digital media. In parallel with this special expanded cinema presentation, the film strips of Monument Film will be exhibited on the walls of the BFI Southbank Atrium for the duration of the festival.

Mark Webber

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