Nathaniel Dorsky / Ben Rivers

Saturday 22 October 2011, at 4pm, NFT3

Nathaniel Dorsky | USA 2010 | 17 min
‘A pastourelle and an aubade are two different forms of courtship songs from the troubadour tradition. In this case, the film Pastourelle, a sister film to Aubade, is in the more tumultuous key of spring.’ (ND)

The Return
Nathaniel Dorsky | USA 2011 | 27 min
‘Like a memory already gone, this place of life.’ Dorsky has created a poetic form of cinema in which the screen becomes a site for reverie or transfiguration. In his most recent film, he seems to move towards a more abstract representation of light and being.

Sack Barrow
Ben Rivers | UK 2011 | 21 min
The march of time claims another casualty. Sack Barrow documents (and laments) the out-dated, but functioning, technology of a family owned electroplating factory in the weeks around its closure – its old ways now unsustainable in the modern world.

Mark Webber

Also screening:
Tuesday 25 October 2011, at 8:45pm, NFT2